About Us
shop4grit.com is the most successful new wholesale club in the abrasive industry with it's unconventional online purchasing hub. It is a "members only" store with wholesale pricing for distributors and resellers of industrial quality abrasives. Our customers are members of ISA, Stafda, AWS and other companies that meet our membership requirements.

How fast do you ship?
shop4grit.com makes purchasing abrasive products simple. No waiting for a "production run" or your order to be "processed". Your order is emailed directly to our conversion facility, your abrasive products are manufactured to order and they're out the door in 24-72 hours.

What is my price?
You receive your distributor discount whether you order one box or 50 boxes. No minimum order. No purchase order. Just use your corporate credit card and a confirmation will instantly be sent to your email.

Do you carry other abrasive products?
Absolutely! If it's a coated abrasive product, chances are that we can supply it. Just shoot us a message with the specifications and we'll get back to you with a quote. Custom sizes and grits are fine!